Equipment and Hosted Solutions

We understand not all customers are the same and have different financial goals and procedures.  Keeping this in mind, with that in mind Priority Connections, LLC offers both on premise and hosted telecommunications solutions. No longer do customers have to go to several separate vendors to obtain cost effective solutions.


Partnering with several leading industry providers, allows us to serve a wide range of business sizes and needs. If you require 5 or 500 stations, advanced call centers or simple routing requirements, Priority Connections will customize a per seat solution without large upfront investment.

On Premise

Priority Connections provides exceptional Digium VoIP equipment, installation and services.

SIP Trunking

SIP (Session Initiation Protcol) is a service that comes in on a high speed internet connection.  SIP trunks eliminate the need for standard telephone lines and equipment, which greatly reduces the costs of maintaining and servicing telephone system equipment.   For these reasons, Sip trunks are a cost effective and highly efficient alternative to traditional telephone services.   Customers love SIP trunks, because they cost less monthly and when used in conjunction with our on premise VoIP systems, also reduce new equipment costs.  SIP is quickly becoming the new standard for telecommunications service.

High Speed Internet Services

Priority Connections offers High Speed Internet Services through major carriers such as Verizon, Spectrum and Level 3.

High Speed Internet Pricing Verizon

Verzion Fios Costs

High Speed Internet Pricing Spectrum

Spectrum Costs

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